Click to enlargeJ1020/P1155

Although these are described as regular die trial pieces in the standard references, the off-metal 'trials' of this year were deliberately struck for sale to collectors.

They were struck in the following combinations on both thick and thin planchets.

Copper J1020/P1155 with about a half dozen known including the illustrated example courtesy of American Numismatic Rarities.

Aluminum J1021/P1156 with at least 3 known, Simpson's, Queller's and Denali's.

Nickel J1022/P1157 with fewer than half dozen known. These were struck from both proof, AW849, (date high with the 1 in date to the right of the point of the shield, per Ron Guth) and business strike, AW850, (date lower and more to the left with the 1 below the point of the shield) dies as shown below courtesy of PCGS.

It is one of the few die trials known to exist in both formats.