Click to enlargeJ1209/P1349

Struck from William Barber's lower relief copy of the Longacre indian princess design.

Although Judd and Pollock list this as a dollar pattern, these were actually struck on trade dollar planchets.

Examples are known in the following combinations:

Silver with reeded edge J1208/P1348. This is possibly unique with only the Farouk, Terrell-B/R 5/73, Bass-B/M 5/99 coin confirmed.

Silver with plain edge J1209/P1349. This is also possibly unique with only illustrated piece, ex Farouk, Bolender 3/59, Stacks 6/86, ANR 9/03, Southern collection, Simpson collection. The listing in Pollock for an example in the Lemus-Queller collection is an error.

Photo courtesy of American Numismatic Rarities.