Click to enlargeJ1617/P1813

William Barber's metric dollar design with an obverse similar to the one used on the $50 half union patterns of 1877 J1546/P1719. This may have been executed by his son Charles.

These were sold in sets along with J1635/P1833 and J1626/P1822 to congressman for $6.10 and later to collectors for $15. To view Barber's set which included this design, click here.

Examples were struck in the following combinations:

Silver or Goloid J1617-J1618/P1813 with several hundred known. These, apparently, have never undergone metalurgical testing.

Copper J1619/P1814 with over a dozen known.

Aluminum J1620/P1815 with at least 4 known.

White Metal J1620A/P1816 This is unique and was sold in RARCOA's Kaufman and Kagin's 7/79 sales.

Lead J1621/P1817 This is also unique and is the Dr. Linkner collection ex Kosoff 5/55, Hydeman. It is noted as being badly corroded.

This design was repeated in 1880 as J1645-J1647/P1845-P1847.