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The regular dies trial piece struck in copper. It is unknown if this is a true die trial or a coin deliberately struck for sale to collectors.

The following are confirmed:

1) Parmelee lot 96, Byron Reed-Durham Museum - ICG63BN

2) Bass Foundation-B/M 5/99 as PCGSAU58BN, ANR 10/04 as NGC60BN, southern collection, Simpson collection - PCGS61BN.

3) Metzger (H. Chapman 2/1909), Zabriskie (H. Chapman 6/1909), E. Adams, unknown intermediaries, Simpson collection - PCGS62BN, with toning spot under last curl visible on the Zabriskie and plates

Note: Woodin displayed one at the 1914 ANS exhibit which went to Newcomer, but it is not known if Adams bought coin #3 for him or his is the #2 former Bass coin. One of these appeared in E. Cogan's 5/1860 & 3/1862 sales.

Photo courtesy of American Numismatic Rarities.