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The famous silver centered cent without the silver cent. This was struck in copper and/or billon, the latter often referred to as fusible alloy. Judd describes these as having obliquely reeded edges but all the examples I have seen have normal vertical reeding.

The following examples are known:

1) Smithsonian - Unc. This is also the Judd 1st-7th edition plate coin.

2) Parmelee (New York Coin and Stamp, 6/1890), Steigerwalt, Hall, V. Brand (journal #49986:446), Armin Brand, Norweb (via Mehl 1/11/37), B/M 11/1988, A. Weinberg, Heritage 1/2019 FUN - PCGSAU53BN, illustrated above, courtesy of Alan Weinberg, click on the thumbnail image to see an enlargement.

3) Wolcott family-I&L Goldberg 2/2005, Heritage 1/2008, Simpson Collection, Heritage 1/16 FUN - PCGSVF30, illustrated below courtesy of I&L Goldberg's Coins & Collectibles.

4) Levick (Cogan 12/1859 lot 219), Taylor (Cogan 5/1860 lot 611) where described as "the one cent rather indistinct", Seavey (Descriptive Catalog-William Strobridge, 6/1873), Parmelee, Maris-H.P. Smith, 6/1886, Garrett-JHU, Garrett IV-B/R 3/1981, Partrick-Heritage 1/15 FUN - NGCXF40, illustrated below courtesy of Heritage.

5) Lauder-Doyle Galleries 12/1983, Benson-I&L Goldberg, 2/2001, ANR 8/2006, Southern Collection, Simpson Collection, Heritage 1/12, StacksBowers 8/17 ANA - NGCF15

6) Paramount 4/1965, Pine Tree Auctions 2/1975, ANA Museum - good

7) Harmer-Rooke 11/1969; Anton collection - good.

8) J.S. Jenks (H Chapman 12/1921), Newcomer (described as "dents at fraction, badly worn"), Lohr FPL, River Oaks-B/R 1176, Stacks 1/87, StacksBowers 2013 ANA - PCGS genuine net good

9) Fewsmith-Mason & Co. 10/1870, Appleton-MHS, but not there now

Saul Teichman has discovered, since confirmed by Alan Weinberg and John Dannreuther that the Higgy-Boyd ANS-1956.163.25 example which shows a cracked obverse die and a plain edge, was struck or cast from copy dies using the Norweb coin as a host.

Note: The genuineness of specimens 5-8 has been questioned. #8 was returned to Stack's after the 1987 sale.

Over a dozen examples are known of J1/P1 with the silver center with the Gschwend-Ellsworth-Garrett and Brock-Univ of Penn-Norweb coins, both uncirculated, being the two finest.

There is also a recently discovered example, which was struck without the silver plug in it resulting in the coin having a small hole in the middle. It ex Stacks 3/95, Partrick-Heritage 1/15 FUN and is graded NGC62RB. We have not assigned it a separate Judd or Pollock number as we are not sure if this was deliberate or some kind of mint error in the production of the J1/P1.

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