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For those of you not familiar with this fascinating area of numismatics, patterns are prototypes for coins that, for the most part, were never approved for circulation. Most patterns are very rare, some unique, and others unknown outside of museums.

A good place to start learning about these pieces is our Beginner's Corner which includes a page on How to use this Website or the Search by Denomination which contains examples of many of the different pattern issues.

The United States Mint produced more than 1000 different patterns, as well as many die trials and experimental pieces. Despite the extreme rarity of many of these individual items, the great variety makes the series surprisingly collectable.

There are relatively few collectors specializing in United States pattern coinage. Most of these collectors target specific areas. For example, there are collectors who specialize in Indian Cent patterns, others collecting Morgan Dollar patterns, and so on.

In addition to these specialists, there are thousands of collectors of regular issue United States coins who try to buy a few patterns to complement their collections. Many of these historical coins have wide appeal and are surprisingly affordable. There are many collectors who, for example, would like to own an 1855 Flying Eagle large cent (J-167, about 500 pieces struck) to go with their collection of regular issue large cents or with their collection of Flying Eagle small cents.

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