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last updated January 17, 2020

Members are welcome to send their want list, which will be posted on this page if they so desire. Any business between members or dealers is strictly between the 2 of you.


Rick Kay is looking for the following:

1854 and 1855 Large Flying Eagle cents patterns (LFEs), specifically: - Dateless LFEs - White Metal LFEs - Doublestruck LFEs - J-165 (1854 with 4-Leaf reverse) - Counterfeit LFEs - High-grade Red LFEs - Thick planchet LFEs - LFEs with very unusual coloring.

Please email me at kayfamily1854@gmail.com


Robert Getty is looking for a lower grade 1872 pattern, would prefer aluminum but open to any example.

Please e-mail at Robertcgetty@cs.com


Mark Hagen is looking for the following:

1877 Half Dollar - J1505, J1509, J1515

1879 Half Dollar - J1600

1879 Silver Dollars - J1551, J1552, J1612

This was posted on August 6, 2004.

He can be reached at mhagen@mchsi.com


Andy Lustig is looking for the following:

1814 Platinum half dollar J-44

1863 Postage Currency Dimes J-325a, J-328 J-332

1877 half dolar patterns in silver, choice proof or better

1896 patterns, choice proof or better

1916 patterns, any grade

He can be reached at andylustig@earthlink.net


TWO CENT PATTERNS wanted by Alan Meghrig

See: "Alan Meghrig's Two Cents Worth" in the Encyclopedia


Nickel Patterns Wanted as of March 9, 2001

J-1688, J-1705, J-1706a, J-1711a, J-1719a, J-1743.

I am always interested in corresponding with any other collectors of this series.

Anthony Bongiovanni info@rockypointjewelers.com


Nickel Alloy Anthony Dollar experimental piece (P2090).

Gould Inc. pattern in nickel (P5405 or P5440). I would also consider other Gould Inc. pieces in other medals (P5400 - P5445).

1995 Gallery Mint Concept Dollar with "In God We Trust" on the obverse.

Sherritt Mint's "America 500 / 1492-1992" Columbus Prototype.

Any other small size dollar patterns (including privately minted pieces).

Mike Wallace mike@smalldollars.com


Lightly Circulated Patterns Wanted

All Judd numbers considered except for Indian Cent patterns.

Michael Berkman


Looking for the following:

Gould Tokens (1976-1978)

SBA Vending Test Token (1978) [Pollock 2089, 2090]

Sherritt Mint-Plated SBA Test (1983-1984) under Mint Contract

Olin Brass Copper Clad Test (1991) [Pollock 5500]

Olin Brass Stike/Alloy Tests for Sac Dollar (1999)

Corelay(R) Test Pieces (1997-1999)

PMX Strike/Alloy Tests for Sac Dollar (1999)

Sacagawea 12-Feather Vending Test Strikes (1999)

General Inco, Sherritt, Olin, PMX, Polymetalurgical Corp, Schuler test and marketing pieces.

Phillip Barnhart pbarnhar@texas.net


Indian Princess Patterns Wanted

J-1075, J-1091, J-1106

Richard Lange RLANGE2@prodigy.net


Half Dime Patterns Wanted as of December 5, 2000

J-323, J-324, J-379, J-380, J-638, J-639, J-692, J-694, J-695, J-809, J-810, J-811, J-813, J-814, J-816, J-819, J-820, J-821, J-822, J-823, J-824, J-1059, J-1061, J-1063, J-1066, J-1067, J-1070, J-1071, J-1072, J-1191, J-1192, J-1266, J-1267, J-1389

Tony Delacono ABWEY@aol.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tim Larson Larsontlmm@msn.com is looking for 1858 Indian Cent patterns, Proof/MS 64 or finer.


Looking for the following:

1854 Cent J-165/P-190 (Four leaves beneath "E" in "STATES")

1854 Cent J-165b/P-191 (Three leaves beneath "E" in "STATES")

1857 Cent J-187/P-223 or J-187a/P-224 (Reverse of the type having a "Closed E" in "ONE")

1858 Cent J-202/P-245 ("Skinny Eagle" with laurel wreath having clusters of five leaves - not six leaves)

1878 Dollar J-1552/P-1729 (Silver-Morgan design-second prototype having nine leaves on the olive sprig, but with five berries instead of just one)

1878 Dollar J-1553/P-1730 (Copper-Mule dies-Morgan/Barber design having "E PLURIBUS UNUM" on each side)

1878 Dollar J-1554/P-1745 (Silver-Barber design - first prototype (stars are missing from the 4:00 and 8:00 o'clock positions on the reverse)

1878 Dollar J-1560/P-1752 (Goloid-Hubbell - "GOLOID./1GOLD./24 SILVER./.9 FINE./258 GRS." within a circle of laurel leaves and berries on reverse)

1878 Dollar J-1563/P-1754 (Goloid-Hubbell - "GOLOID/METRIC/.1-G./16.1S/1.9C./GRAMS 14.25" within a circle of 38 stars on reverse)

Bill Finelli


Wanted: J134

Robert P. Guardiano
nguardia@suffolk.lib.ny.us ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am interested in ANY circulated pattern coins.

Also, any patterns with designs incorporating a hole (cents or dollars)

Harold M. Hoogasian


I'm looking for a 1998 Royal Hawaiian Mint Pattern silver dollar coin. Thank you!

Mark Cosgrove


Looking for: J-486 J-742 or J-743 J-754 J-1554 J-1557 J-1617 J-1654 J-1698 J-54


918-319-4600 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~