Patterns in the Great Museum Collections
Compiled by Saul Teichman

This listing now includes the revised 9th edition Judd numbers. The Pollock numbers on these listings may be suspect as all were sourced from material produced prior to the advent of the Pollock book.

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Special thanks goes to the following people for supplying me with updated information:

American Numismatic Association - Robert W. Hoge

American Numismatic Society - John Kleeberg & Sebastian Heath

Connecticut State Library - David Corrigan

Durham Museum - Lawrence J. Lee and Carrie Meyer

Harry W. Bass Jr. Research Foundation - Ed Deane

Library Company of Philadelphia - Erika Piola

Smithsonian Institution - Dr. Ellen Feingold & Hillery York

Please be advised that these photographs are shown courtesy of the museum who supplied them. Reproduction without their consent is prohibited.

American Numismatic Association

American Numismatic Society

Connecticut State Library

Durham Museum

Harry W. Bass Jr. Research Foundation

Library Company of Philadelphia

Smithsonian Institution